On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a National Emergency and announced a series of initiatives to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. In compliance with the White House social-distancing guidelines, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) expanded access to Medicare telehealth services, providing patients access to a wide range of ‘virtual’ healthcare services.

Easement of prior regulatory restrictions pertaining to telehealth opened the doors for full-scale adoption of telehealth services through optimal deployment of point-of-care technology solutions, and within 72-hours of the new CMS telehealth guidance, GNS officially launched telehealth services at practice locations in 10 States. Our ability to pivot from ‘in-person’ to ‘virtual care’ via telehealth is an illustration of our commitment to our patients, staff and providers, and a testament to our ability to adapt to change, through a well-orchestrated process in a time of crisis

To quote Dr Amit Kapoor, Vice President and Executive Board Member of CRAL, a large Philadelphia based GNS Nephrology practice:

‘For CRAL, the conversion to telemedicine was critical in allowing us to balance multiple priorities: the need to continue to provide the highest quality care to our most vulnerable patients, while ensuring the safety of our patients, staff members and providers, and maintaining financial viability in a time crisis.”

Leveraging the tools provided through the GNS Platform, and the adoption of solutions offered by the GNS team, we were able to convert from 100% ‘in-person’ to 100% ‘remote-visits’ within 3-5 business days, just as our State (PA) went into a mandated lock down. The resources provided allowed our staff and providers to work remotely through all steps of the process from chart prep, to check-in, to provider visit, to check-out. Through the GNS ecosystem, we were able to successfully incorporate multiple telehealth platforms into our daily workflow creating the necessary redundancy’

Over the past few weeks, the GNS Platform has spent significant time working through the logistics of coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of our commitment to over 300 Providers and hundreds of thousands of patients across the country, all our time and effort has been dedicated to our ‘TOP-4’ priorities:

  •  Keep everyone SAFE.
  •  Protect our staff
  •  Deliver uninterrupted care to our patients
  •  Support our providers to safely and effectively deliver the highest level of care

Our telehealth initiative best captures our resilience, our emergency-preparedness, and our commitment to our core values and our priorities.

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